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Working together, Learning together

Year Representatives (Year Reps)

Our Year Reps are a key link between the Friends of Hungerford Primary School, the parents and the school. If you would like to be an ambassador for the Friends of Hungerford Primary School , support vital fundraising, meet people and have some fun. Read more about the role.

Each Year Rep is a member of the Friends of Hungerford Primary School. The Friends of Hungerford Primary School, as a whole, determine their activities at the start of the academic year and the Year Reps play a vital role in mustering support for these events and activities, along with any school-led initiatives, throughout the year.

The role also encompasses administration of that particular year’s Facebook Page. If you are a parent and you do not currently belong to your year’s Facebook page, please do ask your Year Rep how you can become a member. 

The Year Rep role is run to the benefit of parents and with the best interests of the school in mind. If you would like to be involved please do contact the Friends of Hungerford Primary School on hungerford.primary.pta@gmail.com

Dolphins (Mrs Oates) Sarah Young
Starfish (Mrs Stevens)
Year 1
1CS (Mrs Carter & Mrs Smith) Fiona Waters
1H (Mrs Hann)
Year 2
2BP  (Mrs Butler/Mrs Page) Beckie Day & Rebecca Waters 
2P (Mrs Pugh)
Year 3
3H (Mrs Hughes) Josie Appleby
3B (Mr Blair)
Year 4
4F (Mrs H Findlay) Bianca Curtis & Beckie Day
4HM (Mrs Hyatt & Mrs Maynard)
Year 5
5AR (Mrs Allen/Mrs Rahman) Lou Evans & Fiona Waters
5C (Miss Crook)
Year 6
6P (Mrs Popperwell) Alex Martin & Hannah Harper
6G (Mr Godfrey)
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