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At Hungerford Primary School, we are proud of our excellent record of attendance. We believe it is important, that if your child is to make optimum progress in school, that they are here as much as possible. For our part in maintaining this record, we will ensure that we:

•Provide a caring environment where children feel safe and ready to learn
•Respond promptly to a child’s or parent’s concern about the school or other pupils
•Mark the register punctually
•Celebrate good attendance
•Monitor pupils attendance, informing parents / carers of concerns about attendance and referral to Education Welfare where necessary

Through our partnership with parents and carers we encourage a culture where you:

•Always encourage regular school attendance
•Always ensure your child arrives at school punctually and ready for the school day

There will be times when your child may not be able to attend School because of illness. In these cases we expect parents to contact school by 8:50am on the first day of the your child’s absence. This can be done