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Competition Results 2016-2017

Dodgeball Competition

On Wednesday 12th July, a group of Year 6 children went to Park House School to take part in a Dodgeball competition.  This is a new sport in our school offered as an after school club to years 5 and 6.  So the children were not very prepared for the competition – but they won silver medals! They worked brilliantly as a team, supporting each other during each match.  We are very proud of you all!

Year 2 6.6.17(4)

Year 2 Multi-Skills Competition

On Tuesday 4th July, a group of 6 Year 2 children went along to a Multiskills tournament at Park House School, Newbury.  They were simply brilliant!  From the very beginning, they gave their all and tried their very best in every event they did.  And their hard work was rewarded – with GOLD medals! Awesome everyone!

Table Tennis Competition

On Tuesday 20th June, we entered a table tennis competition at Park House School.  I am in the process of hopefully having a table tennis table in school for the children to use at playtimes following a generous donation from a kind gentleman in Hungerford.   However, for this competition, we asked the Year 6 who played and took 4 volunteers – and they were great!  They finished second and won silver medals. Many congratulations to you al!

Table tennis 21.6.17
20.6.17Final 19.7.17

Swimming Gala

On Tuesday 20th June, we entered a swimming gala at Northcroft Leisure Centre, Newbury.  This is only the second year we have entered and took a team of mainly Year 5s with one Year 6 girl chosen for her ‘Gifted and talented’ ability in swimming outside school. We had a lot of spectators and a really fun morning.  All the children swam brilliantly in their races – especially as many of the competitors were in year 6! However – we had particular success in 2 races – the girls won their relay and one girl won her race! They’ve all been invited back to the finals on Wednesday 19th July - good luck girls! And well done to all of you for your support and sportsmanship throughout the morning and for some excellent swimming!


On 19th July, the 4 girls went along to the finals! They were a brilliant team and although they didn’t finish in the top 3, they have come home wearing their medals with pride!  This is hopefully the first final of many… No pressure future swimmers!

Years 5 and 6 Cricket Festival

On Wednesday 7th June, Mrs Allen and I accompanied our cricket team to a local tournament at Falkland Cricket Club, Newbury, in glorious sunshine!  The club has only been running a few weeks but some of the team play outside school.  They were a brilliant team – learning skills and tactics from each other and supporting those who are less confident than themselves.  The competition was very strong and they didn’t progress to the finals, but they all had a great spirit and lots of enthusiasm.

5.6 June17
3.4.PH 24.5.17

Year 4 Mini Tennis Tournament

On Wednesday 24th May, Mrs Jauncey and Mrs Gohara went with a group of Year 4 children to Park House School, Newbury.  This is quite a new competition for our school and they were great!  They all played really well and they came second in their group – narrowly missing out on the win.  Mrs Jauncey said; “Definitely a team for the future!” 

Year 5 Mini Tennis Tournament

Mrs Eldered and I took a group of year 5 children went to Kennet School, Thatcham, on Tuesday 23rd May to take part in a local tennis tournament.  They were the youngest children in the tournament but they did themselves proud.  Although we did not finish in the top half of the competition, they played nearly 3 hours of tennis and got better match-by-match. I know it sounds cliché but it’s true.  Well done to you!

5.6 Kennet 23.5.17
5.6. girls football 18.5.17

Years 5 and 6 Girls' Football Tournament

On Thursday 18th May, seven year 6 girls played their last match of the season at Newbury Rugby ground – I know what you’re thinking, but they did play football!  Unfortunately, the team was missing their resident goal keeper (Get Well Soon), but the girls rallied around and supported each other in the way I have come to expect from this supportive team of girls.  Darren (Hungerford Town Juniors’ coach) and Mrs Gohara went with the girls and said they were unlucky to not come away with a win.  Darren has said how great it was to see them pull together and some even shone in their new positions!  Well done girls - a lovely way to end the season.

Years 3 and 4 Indoor Football Tournament

We haven’t been able to offer Year 3/4 football after school at our school for long, but under the guidance of Mr Willock, there has been a good, enthusiastic attendance to the club.  Even though it has stopped for the moment, we had the opportunity to enter 5 girls into a 5-a-side tournament on Wednesday 17th May at Trinity School, Newbury.  The girls all played well and kept their heads held high, even though they were playing against more established teams than themselves. They played 5 matches, their best result was a 1-1 draw against Birch Copse.  However, I don’t think this will be the last we hear about this team. Their enthusiasm is infectious – one to watch for the future!  A big thank you to Mrs Jauncey and Mr Willock for taking the girls – and to their supporters.

3.4 indoor 17.5.17 x2
3.4 May 2017(1)

Year 4 Cricket Festival

On Tuesday 16th May, a group of children who are new to cricket went along to a festival at Falkland Cricket Club.  For some of the children, this was their first time to represent the school – and they had a wonderful morning.  They were throwing, bowling, catching and playing a mini-game.  Although we didn’t finish in the top 3, all the children had a wonderful time and learnt something new about the sport; skills they can take back to club and develop.  Well done everyone! And thank you to parents for helping with transport… J

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 Quadkids Athletics

We were able to take 2 teams of 20 children to the competition this year – something we’ve not been able to do for a few years.  Unfortunately, there were other competitions which clashed on this day but lots of children stepped-up and came along for a day full of fun!  All children: throw a vortex; jump the standing long jump; run a sprint and the long distance run.The children were amazing as a team and Mrs Gohara and Mr Willock were proud to watch them compete and support each other throughout the events.  Whilst all athletes performed well, a special mention to William(Year 4) who finished 6th overall as an individual and helped his team finish 4th out of the 25 teams entered. There were many great performances and these can be seen on the Team Kennet website, under the Schools heading.  We have over 80 children coming along to our athletics club which will run until the end of the year… Who knows how we will do next year!  A big thank you to all our supporters on the day; it makes such a big difference to the children and creates a really social atmosphere for the day…

Year 3.4Year 5.6

Years 3 and 4 Tri-Golf Festival

On Thursday 4th May, a group of year 3 and 4 childrenwent to St Bart’s School. Newbury, to partake in the Tri-Golf festival.  It is a skills-based afternoon where the children experience using plastic clubs to try out some new ball skills.  Many CONGRATULATIONS on winning a silver medal!  Mrs Hann and Mrs Pugh said you were all amazing and they were immensely proud of you – as are we all!  Well done!

Years 5 and 6 Orienteering Competition

On Thursday 27th April, a team of 12 girls and boys from years 5 and 6 competed in the annual Orienteering competition held at Park House School, Newbury.  Mrs Allen and I were there to cheer them on and see their outstanding team work and resilience. They worked in pairs to read a map taking them around the school grounds, making sure they put their electronic device on the marker to record their visit to each station.  Our fastest pair was Flynn and Tally - well done!   We finished 5th out of the 12 teams there: a great result.  Thanks to all the parents who helped with transport and supported the team!

5.6 April 2017
4.4.17 Trinity

Years 5 and 6 Boys Football

On Tuesday 4th April, there was another new 6-a-side football tournament at Trinity School, Newbury, 1pm – 4pm.  Darren and Mr Heaton went along with the Year 5 and 6 boys to play on the Astro turf in the sunshine.  Unfortunately, the team did not progress to the next stage of the competition and know they were disappointed with their performance.  However, it is important to remember that they played their best in a new competition against schools who have played the same team each match – whereas we try to play more children in a match situation.  I’m very proud of you and hope you will feel proud too.

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 Rugby Tournament

On Friday 31st March, 20 children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 went to the Triangle Field in Hungerford for a rugby tournament.  It was a beautiful day with some excellent rugby being played by everyone there.  There weren’t any overall winners on the day, but the referees and officials were asked to choose five teams who displayed exceptional: Teamwork, Respect, Discipline, Enjoyment and Sportsmanship.  There were more than 20 teams there and I’ve very proud to share that our Year 3/4 team won a certificate for ‘Respect’. Well done team!  A big thank you to Mr Gale and Mrs Allen who managed and coached the teams during the afternoon and to the many supports who came to watch and cheer!

hungerford 31.3.17
website pic

Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 Cross Country

On Tuesday 28th March, 44 children form years 3, 4, 5 and 6 went to Newbury Showground to take part in the area Cross Country tournament.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, we were unable to train the children for this event – although the children who went were successful in the trials we organised last month. All of the children ran their heart-out!  I was impressed by every athlete there and although we did not position in the top schools, I think the children competed exceptionally well for our school.  A special mention to Eddie who finished 7th out of more than 300 runners in the year 3/4 race – I think even you were surprised how well you did.  All the runners received medals for their efforts: I hope you will cherish them and remember how brilliant you are!  If there are any parents out there who would be able to commit to running a ‘running’ club at school, please let me know via the school office; I am confident it would be a popular club.

Years 5 and 6 Boys' Football Tournament

On Monday 20th March, a group of Year 2 boys volunteered to take part in a football tournament at Park House School.  We do not run a club for this age group – but perhaps we should look into it!  The boys were amazing – and played brilliantly together.  They finished with Silver medals but only narrowly missed out on Gold by 1 goal. Simply Fantastic!  Well done to all the boys and a special thank you to Mr Thatcher for stepping up as coach for the afternoon.  I think this will be a group of boys to watch as they progress through the school!

25.3.17 Thatcham
y 3.4 22.3.17

Year 3/4 Indoor Football Tournament

On Wednesday 22nd March, a group of Year 3/4 boys took part in a 5-a-side indoor tournament at Trinity School, Newbury.  The team was predominantly Year 3 with only 1 year 4 boy – so they found it hard sometimes against the more experienced teams who were much older than them.  However, they got better and better with each match, losing or drawing all their matches.  At the end of the afternoon, the organiser made a point of approaching the team and letting them know how impressed he was with their development of skills during the afternoon.  Well done boys!  Thank you to Mr Smith for stepping up to coach for the evening and to Mr Heaton for going along with the boys.

Years 2 Football Tournament

On Monday 20th March, a group of Year 2 boys volunteered to take part in a football tournament at Park House School.  We do not run a club for this age group – but perhaps we should look into it!  The boys were amazing – and played brilliantly together.  They finished with Silver medals but only narrowly missed out on Gold by 1 goal. Simply Fantastic!  Well done to all the boys and a special thank you to Mr Thatcher for stepping up as coach for the afternoon.  I think this will be a group of boys to watch as they progress through the school!

Year 2 medals 21.3.17
pic 1
pic 3

Year 5 Cycling

On Tuesday 21st March, 6 children for Year 5 went to St Gabriel’s School in the afternoon to take part in a Cycling competition.  This event is organised by England Cycling and is always a fun afternoon.  The children competed alongside 8 other schools and finished just out of the medals in 4th place. However, one of the boys won a bronze medal as he was placed 3rd out of all the children who were there.  Many congratulations to all who took part and special congratulations to B for winning his medal.  Thanks also to our supporters and to Mr Heaton for overseeing the afternoon.

Years 5/6 Netball Tournament

On Saturday 18th March, Miss Pye and I took 20 Year 5 and 6 children to partake in a Netball Tournament at Park House School.  Initially, it looked as if it would rain but the weather held off for an enjoyable morning of netball. 

The children were split into 2 teams and played 9 matches between them.  One team finished  4th in their group – missing the Plate playoff by 1 place, and the other team finished 6th.  Many children played out of position but ALL children improved throughout the morning and many parents commented on how their confidence and ability grew from match-to-match.  Well done everybody who took part; I’ve very proud of you all.  I hope you will all continue to play netball in the future and enjoy the team spirit and passion for the game I saw this morning. Thank you to all our wonderful spectators who came and cheered and clapped our players. 

Finally thank you to Miss Pye who has been helping at the club this term – and who coached one of the teams today.  We are planning some fun games for the next couple of weeks during netball practice to help you get a feel for more positions and continue to develop your skills.

tournament 18.3.17
3.4 Newbury 9.3.17(1)

Year 3/4 Rugby

On Thursday 9th March, Years 3 and 4 entered their own Rugby competition at Newbury Rugby ground. The same rules applied and they played awesomely…  They played 3 games and won one (6-2), drew one and lost one by 1 try. Many thanks to all the supporters who came to watch both matches – but special thanks to Mr Gale who coached on both occasions.  Without him, the children couldn’t attend the competition – so thank you. Thanks also to Mr Willock who coaches the teams each week.

Years 5/6 Football

On Tuesday 7th March, a squad of Years 5 and 6 boys went to Kennet School, Thatcham, to play in the first day of a 2 day competition.  They played 3 matches, winning one and losing two.  However, they represented the school well and grew as a team with each game they played.  Darren and Mr Heaton went with the boys and said they did really well. Thanks also to the supporters who were able to go and all the parents who helped with transport.  Sometimes events are organised quickly and without parental support, we would struggle to enter some of the competitions – so a shout out to you heroes!

boys Kennet 7.3.17
5.6 Newbury 2.3.17

Year 5/6 Rugby

On Thursday 2nd March, Years 5 and 6 (with a couple of year 4s!) entered a non-competitive rugby tournament at Newbury  Rugby ground.  The rules have changed this year and the focus is on competing and having fun – not progressing to more intense competitions: it’s a controversial decision which is not popular with everyone.  They have also increased the number of girls who must be in a team – a new rule which limits some schools’ participation, hence why two year 4 girls played in this competition. Many thanks to them!  All the children played really well in some difficult conditions and over the 4 matches they played, they won two and lost two.  I was impressed how they worked together and played as a team, including their newest members! Well done everyone.


On Wednesday 1st March, we played our last league match against Kintbury.  Again, they came to our school and it was an absolutely brilliant match.  Both teams were very evenly matched but we led from beginning to end and won 4-2: the first match we have won!  The last quarter was especially exciting as we began it 3-0 up but Kintbury quickly scored 2 to be within one of us.  However, Hungerford dug in and worked brilliantly as a team and scored a wonderful goal.  I’m so pleased the League finished on such a positive high for the team.  We have entered a tournament at the end of March and will take 2 teams – I wish everyone luck and fun!  Thank you again to all our supporters!

Kintbury 1.3.17

Year 5/6 Netball

On Tuesday 28th February, we played our third league netball match against Burghclere. We welcomed them to our school on a very cold evening and we had lots of support from parents and friends.  However, they were just a better team on the day.  The final score (11-0) does not reflect the spirit in which our team played. They kept going throughout the whole match but  Burghclere’s defence was impenetrable. Onwards and upwards – keep playing as a team and enjoy playing netball – I’m very proud of you all. I think you’ll agree the ‘team photo’ sums up how all the players (and supporters) were feeling at the end of the match…. smiley


On Wednesday 8th February, another team of children played a netball match away at Stockcross.  The weather was bitter but the children played better and better each quarter. Stockcross won over all but Abrianna was chosen as player of the match – well done! Thank you to all who supported the girls and braved the cold!

KS1 bowling

Year 2 10-Pin-Bowling

On Wednesday 8th February, 10 children from Year 2 took part in a 10 pin bowling competition at Thatcham Lakeside Bowling – just as the Year 5 had done last week. Mrs Watson and Miss Gill went along and watched the children enjoyed every second of the afternoon.  The children were proud to wear our school track suits and looked very professional. And boy can they bowl!  There was Strike after Strike – and half strikes…  The organiser said we were scoring more points than the KS2 children last week!  There were 8 schools attending the event – but we won silver medals! Congratulations to everyone! Thanks also for all the parental support – it couldn’t happen without you!


On Monday 6th February, we played our second league match against St Gabriel’s School.  The team of ten year 5 and 6 players set off in the minibus to St Gabriel’s in freezing cold weather – but were relieved to find we were playing indoors!  This was a completely different team again but they did themselves proud.  Unfortunately we lost 11-5 but the score line does not reflect how well they played.  And with several Year 5 children in the team, things look good for next year too.  Thank you Mrs Eldred for coming along and to our supporters who made the journey too – it’s always lovely to have someone cheering for you…

St Gabs 6.2.17
Kingsclere 2.2.17


On 2nd February, we played our first league match.  The club has struggled to meet this year and so the team had only played for 30 minutes – ever!  They had attended 3 training sessions – so we were prepared for the worst.  However, the team was amazing.  We may have lost 7-2 against Kingsclere Primary School, but I was so proud of the players.  At the end of each 7 minute quarter, they listened to advice and improved their play.  They showed great sportsmanship – and Azzy was chosen as player of the match! Well done everyone – and thank you to the parents who turned out in support.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Thatcher who sponsored and bought the kit last year – this is the first time anyone had worn the kit and they looked amazing and gave the players a real sense of pride…

Year 5 Bowling

On 31st January, 10 children from Year 5 went to the Lakeside Super Bowl in Thatcham to compete with 24 other teams in a 10 Pin Bowling completion.  The children were divided into teams of 5 and they all played 3 games.  We finished 8th and 12th out of the 24 teams which is great!  However, the reason we go to this completion is to allow children to experience a different sport – one they may not have played before.  So although there is always an element of competition in any sport, the primary aim was: to have fun; put on a school sports kit – and our infamous track suits – and feel proud!  One of the players stroked the school logo and said just that – “I feel so proud wearing this; I’ve never done it before!” And that’s what it’s all about.



On Thursday 26th January, a group of children from years 5 and 6 went to an Archery competition at Park House School, Newbury, with Mrs Watson and Mrs Taylor.  The children had a mixture of previous experiences of archery – some had never tried it before.  But they moved around the several different activities designed to give them an opportunity to use a range of archery techniques. For example, accuracy, distance and speed. They were all brilliant – and were rewarded with a 3rd place and Bronze medals!  Well done everyone – what a great achievement!

First ever Year 3/4 Football Tournament

On Monday 23rd January, we entered a brand new football tournament for children in years 3 and 4.  Mr Willock has been running the NEW club since September and is impressed with some of the skills he sees and the commitment of the children attending the club.

Several children were invited to attend the tournament and although there were some last minute changes dueto illness, 8 children went along to Park House School, Newbury, and played their socks-off!  They played 4 matches, but unfortunately did not progress further in the tournament.  They did, however, succeed in putting a smile on their supporters’ faces and doing the school proud!

Many thanks to Mrs Watson for braving the cold and accompanying the team, and to Mr Willock for training the club and coaching the children on the night.  Thanks also to the supporters who stayed and cheered everyone on.  I hope this will be the first Year 3/4 tournament of many…


Girls' Football

On Wednesday 4th January (our first day back after the Christmas holidays), seven girls played in a close, energetic football match at Trinity School, Newbury.  They played four matches against Birch Copse, John Rankin, St Josephs and Speenhamland.  They won a match, lost a match and drew 2 matches; this put them second on points – but they just missed out on progressing further in the tournament on goal difference, which is frightfully unlucky. Darren (Hungerford Juniors Coach) and Mrs Watson who accompanied the team said they played brilliantly and it was soooo close.  Thank you to all the spectators who stayed and cheered the girls on – it really makes a big difference!

Girls' Football - Runners Up

On 29th November, eight year 5 and 6 girls played in the ESFA Final at Speen Recreation ground – and it seems as though last year’s successful girls’ team has inspired our future teams… The girls played out of their socks and finished runners up!  Mrs Watson, Mr Heaton were there alongside their proud coach Darren Pettifer (from Hungerford Juniors) along with many spectators to help celebrate their success!  Well done girls – what a wonderful achievement: you should be very proud!  I know that I am!


Boys' Football

On Monday 21st November, nine year 5 and 6 boys played in a mini-tournament at Park House School, Newbury, after school. The weather during the day had been atrocious and it didn’t improve in the afternoon.  However, their spirits were never dampened and they played competitively, doing themselves proud.  Great job boys – a real credit to the school! Thank you to Darren and Mrs Watson too…

Indoor Athletic Championships

On Saturday 19th November, a group of 12 year 5 and 6 athletes spent the day at Park House School, Newbury, competing in the annual indoor athletics completion organised and run by Team Kennet. Mrs Gohara and Mr Willock have had just seven 1 hour training sessions – all bar on outside!  The children competed in field events (standing long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump, speed bounce, chest push) and track events (long distance, sprinting, obstacle and relay races organised a little differently as they use a turning board and start/finish in the middle of the sports hall, not at the end).  Both coaches were very proud of their support for each other – and their overall finish – 7th out of 20 teams!  Well done to all who took part – and a special thank you to all the supporters who make the event so enjoyable!


Boys' Football

On 17th November, we hosted another tournament – this time it was the Berkshire Schools Football tournament and we welcomed Longlane, The Willows and D Manor.  Again, matches were very close and the boys played really well but did not win overall.  Darren said he was proud of their team work and attitude towards each and every match – well done again boys!

Boys' Football

On 14th November, we hosted the Newbury District Primary Schools Football Association League (NDPSFA) competition where we welcomed Falkland, Hermitage and Englefield Primary Schools to play at our school.  Every team played each other and the boys played well, winning 1-0 against Englefield.  All three schools were evenly matched and the winners were calculated on gaol difference. Unfortunately, we missed out by 1 goal.  Well done boys and a big thank you to Darren and Skippy (Hungerford Town Juniors) and to all the spectators who cheered the boys on!


Alternative Olympics

On Wednesday 9th November, Mrs Haines and myself have the privilege of taking a group of 5 children to Park House School, Newbury, for an alternative afternoon of sport.  The event is aimed at children who do not either represent the school in sport of maybe do not engage in sports outside school.  Great fun was had by all and I was impressed by their gusto and positivity. They played Archery, Boccia (a Paralympic sport similar to bowls), seated volleyball and indoor curling.  They won some matches and drew / lost others but were very proud to be presented with a silver medal at the end of the event.  Many Congratulations boys!  I have rarely seen children   beam so broadly!  And thanks you too to our   spectators – wouldn’t be the same without you!

Boys' Football

On Wednesday 9th November, the boys were in action again at a 5-a-side tournament at Trinity School, Newbury.  Mrs Watson was there to see the outstanding effort and skills they demonstrated – winning three matches and losing three. They finished 5th overall and should be proud of how they’re growing as a team – well done boys!  A special thank you to Mr Primett for all his help too!


Boys' Football

On Tuesday 8th November, it was the turn of the Year 6 boys to play in their first knock out tournament – the Bill McIlvride Cup.  We hosted Calcot Primary School on a very cold afternoon, and although the boys played right up until the final whistle and never gave up, they lost 6-0 and will not progress.  But Darren was again impressed with their attitude towards each other and the game – he has high hopes for future matches and is sure they’ll grow as a team.

Girls' Football

On Monday 7th November, the Year 6 girls were in action again in another knock out tournament, this time it was against St Nicholas and Parsons Down.  There were some excellent saves and great Teamwork again – this time, they found the back of the net, winning a game.  This meant they were group winners and they progress to the next round of the competition.  Many thanks to the supporters and as always, to Darren and Skippy.  I’m so proud of you girls and thrilled you’ve won – you really deserve it! Good luck in the next round.


KS1 Multi-Skills

As part of our partnership with West Berkshire, we have the opportunity to enter lots of KS2 competitions (Years 3-6), but there are not many KS1 opportunities. This year, they have offered a new multi-skills tournament to which we were able to send only 12 children. On Wednesday 3rd November, they went after school with Mrs Watson to Park House School, Newbury, where they had the opportunity to play several games including archery, curling, Boccia (like indoor bowls) and target throwing. They won some of the events and were all awarded a certificate for their efforts.  Many congratulations to you all!  I know you enjoyed the experience and that you’re inspired to get involved and try something new…

Girls' Football

On Wednesday 3rd November, the Year 6 girls played the first round of a knock out tournament – Tony Mosson – against Birch Copse Primary School.  The girls played well as a team and saved several goals. However, the final score was 3-0 to Birch Copse and they were knocked out of the tournament.  But the girls can hold  their heads high – their sportsmanship was wonderful and they are very supportive of each other.  I also love how much they smile! J  A big thank you again to all the supporters and to Darren and Skippy from Hungerford Juniors who refereed and coached the girls during the afternoon.


Boys' Football - Friendlies

On Wednesday 3rd November, we also played a couple of friendlies with the boys from Birch Copse.  This was the first competitive matches our boys had played and they drew two matches and lost two matches.  However, Darren has seen potential within the teams and is excited to play more matches in the future.  I hope the boys enjoyed themselves – it’s always such a privilege to wear a school kit and represent your school: thank you for doing us proud!

Girls' Football

Our Year 6 girls’ football team played their first matches of the season. We hosted the Berkshire Schools Girls’ Football tournament and welcomed Francis Bailey and Manor schools on 20th October.  The girls worked well as a team and never gave up throughout the 2 matches they played.  Unfortunately, Francis Bailey won the tournament and progress to the next stage, but the girls learnt more and more every minute they played.  Many thanks to all the supporters who came to watch and cheer the girls on and to Darren and Skippy from Hungerford Town Juniors who gave up their afternoon to coach and referee the matches.