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Vision and Values

Our school vision is to support children to value, celebrate and nature their individual skills and talents. All our children will reach their full potential and will learn how to recognise and manage challenge. We believe an understanding and life-long love of learning is essential in our rapidly evolving world. We will give our children the tools to drive and organise their own learning so that they can grow and thrive in life.

Our aim is to ensure our school is first choice for local parents and where children:

  • Feel valued, secure and able to express their ideas and opinions,
  • Are motivated to learn in a well-resourced, stimulating environment,
  • Have access to the highest quality teaching and learning from skilled, enthusiastic and caring staff,
  • Are recognised for their skills and talents and where areas for development are nurtured and supported,
  • Are supported through a strong set of values which underpin their development as good citizens for the future,
  • Have staff, governors and parents who work as a team to inspire and assist all pupils towards goals.

We only have one school rule at Hungerford Primary School and that is “BE KIND”.

Our school has 6 core values: kindness, respect, resilience, honesty, community and aspiration. Each calendar month we explore these values with the children. We do this during our assemblies and in our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) sessions in classes.

September Kindness
October Determination
November Respect
December Community
January Aspiration 
February Honesty 
March Kindness 
April Determination 
May Respect 
June Community
July Aspiration 

Teachers always strive to encourage positive behaviour and our values feed into the ways we encourage this behaviour across school. Read more about our behaviour policy.

Each week, our teachers select up to 2 children to receive an award to be given out in Thursday’s celebration assembly; these can be for great work, having a great attitude or positive behaviour. We also love to hear about achievements from outside of school.

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