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Year 5

We are Year 5. We have two classes; 5AR, whose teachers are Mrs Thornton-Allen & Mrs Rahman and 5C, whose teacher is Miss Crook. Read the Year 5 Curriculum letterand Knowledge Organiser for this term and our latest newsletter.

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Spring Term 2020 - 'Kon’nichiwa Japan!'

This term we will be finding out everything we can about Japan and its culture.  In particular, we will be discovering how mountains and rivers impact on the lives of the Japanese people.  The children will be exploring Japanese artifacts and traditional dress and will be preparing and cooking Japanese food.

For further information on the curriculum for this term, please click on the link above.

Autumn Term 2019

This term our topic is: THE VILE VICTORIANS

This term Year 5 pupils will be discovering what changes occurred during the reign of Queen Victoria and what life was like at that time and its impact on our lives today.  The children will be finding out the sequence of key events of the Victorian era and comparing life then to the present day.  They will also explore the differences between rich and poor and boys and girls in Victorian times.  The children will compare and contracts photos and maps from Victorian Hungerford and today.  They will appreciate the Victorian buildings in our locality, thinking about the changes that have occured, also regarding changes to land uses and the importance of these to the local community.

During the autumn term, the children will be visiting Sevington Victorian School to experience life as a Victorian school child.

For further information regarding the curriculum for this term, please click on the Year 5 Curriculum link above.

Y5 Victorians

Year 5 visit to Sevington Victorian School

On 5th & 6th November, class 5C and class 5AR respectively visited Sevington Victorian School near Chippenham.  This is an authentic village schoolroom, opened in 1849, closed in 1913 and still almost unchanged, with some of the original desks, slates, coal fires and oil lamps.  From the moment the children stepped off their coach, they were treated as Victorian pupils by teacher, Miss Squire and had to line up in separate lines of boys and girls.  The children also had to sit in their separate rows in the classroom and had to play in separate areas in the playground.  They had to use chalk and boards to do their work and were only allowed to use their right hand.  The girls made lavender bags and the boys looked at work in the garden and made candles. 

“It was quite strict! Glad I don’t have to do their maths with shillings and pennies!” Austin

“I’m glad that we don’t have to be split into boys and girls!” Alice

“I was a monitor and had to give out the quills, ink and the chalk boards” Laila

“The privvy was gross! I didn’t enjoy nearly being caned! I liked the bird-scaring device in the garden!” Toby

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