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Year 6

We are Year 6. We have two classes; 6P, whose teacher is Mrs Popperwell and 6G, whose teacher is Mr Godfrey. Read the Year 6 Curriculum and our latest newsletter.

Spring Term 2019:

This term our topic is:  Let the Battle Begin! Invaders and Settlers

Year 6 will be learning about the Viking invasions, The Lindesfarne attack, Danegold and Alfred the Great whilst reading Beowulf as a class.  Their art work will focus on Viking long boats and will be making Norse gods from clay.  Children will be using Powerpoint and Word for topic-related work and presentations alongside Keeping Safe in Cyberspace in P.S.H.E.



Autumn term 2018 - Topic: The Ivory Trade

During the autumn term our topic involved learning about the Ivory Trade to raise money for the Kids' Tusk Force charity.  The children enjoyed making clay 'remember' beads and then painted them to sell (see the Elephant Sale article below).  The children spent time researching the history of the ivory trade and the impact on the elephant population.  In Geography, the children learned the location of African countries with focus on Kenya and in Science, they worked scientifically and systematically to create a 'poacher' alarm using switches.

Elephant Sale

Year 6 pupils organised a very successful 'Elephant Sale' on October 18th .   The children had painted 'Remember Beads' to sell; each string was tagged with the name of an elephant who has been orphaned as a result of ivory poaching in Kenya.   The purpose of the sale was to raise enough money to 'adopt' an elephant calf for the school that has been rescued and taken to the DSWT Elephant Orphanage which is near Nairobi .  An amazing £545 was raised for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust from the sale of the elephant beads and other items such as homemade cakes and a raffle.  This now means the school is able to adopt an orphan elephant calf for the next 10 years and all the children can 'get to know' the elephant and hear about its progress.  This is a wonderful opportunity to get the children talking about a common cause and developing their sense of global citizenship!  A huge thank you to Year 6 and their parents for making a real difference!

Elephant SaleDSCF4857

SATS help

These are great sites to help revise.

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