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Year 6

We are Year 6. We have two classes; 6AR, whose teachers are Mrs Allen & Mrs Rahman and 6C, whose teacher is Miss Crook. Read the Year 6 Curriculum letter & Knowledge Organiser for this term and our latest newsletter.

Summer Term 2021 - Does Legacy Have a Value?

This term, Year 6 pupils will be learning about the history of Ancient Greece and how it compares to other civilisations. They will be looking at how life in Ancient Greece compares to modern life and will explore the Ancient Greeks' use of a democratic system and how it compares to demoracy today.  The topic will commence with an experience day involving a variety of practial and art activities.  

For further information, please click on the Curriculum letter link above.

Ancient Greeks

Spring Term 2021

To be updated

Autumn 2020 - Africa is not a Country

This term Year 6 children will be learning about the different countries in the continent of Africa and explore the story 'One Plastic Bag'.  They will find out about the history of Ancient Benin and compare it to  a modern day African country.  The children will investigate the use of fair trade and how it impacts the lives of farmers.

The children will also be undertaking Bikeability training with instructors from West Berkshire Council to encourage safe cycling, road safety and exercise.

For further information on the curriculum for this term, please click on the Year 6 Curriculum link above.


These are great sites to help revise.

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https://www.spag.com - Practice Grammer & Punctuation Tests Online

https://readtheory.org - Activities for all levels

https://mathsmadeeasy.co.uk/ks2-revision/key-stage-2-sat-maths - Past SATS Papers

https://myminimaths.co.uk - Free Resources for Parents

http://spellingframe.co.uk - Practice and Teste


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