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Working together, Learning together

Pupil Premium

Our Vision for Pupil Premium Pupils

We have a clear vision for what all our pupils will achieve through high quality teaching, with an ethos that reinforces aspiration and attainment for all.  We realise the importance of getting the basics right, like attendance, behaviour and understand that failing to put these building blocks in place with undermine the effectiveness of the pupil premium funding in raising standards for all.  We also understand the importance of working closely with parents, knowing that all these things can affect a child's progress.  We have adopted a whole school approach to our use of the pupil premium funding that focuses on the full potential of every child, including nurturing our more able pupils to excel.

The Pupil Premium Grant is used to support disadvantaged pupils by removing any barriers to learning, build confidence, foster resilience and maintain high aspirations so all our children can be the best they can be.

In order that our Pupil premium children make the best progress possible, we put a range of additional support strategies in place.   These strategies include ensuring that individual children are monitored closely so that we can find out what barriers to learning there may be.   Teachers make contact with parents regularly to promote a positive home/school relationship.   Their progress is monitored every term and teachers and the Pupil Premium lead check closely to make sure individuals do not fall behind, or put in place strategies to accelerate progress.

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