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Year 3

We are Year 3. We have two classes; 3H, whose teacher is Mrs Hughes and 3B, whose teacher is Mr Blair. Read the Year 3 Curriculum and our latest newsletters.

Summer Term 2019: 'Cracking Idea, Gromit!'

Our topic this term is 'Cracking Idea, Gromit!' Year 3 will be exploring what makes a good inventor and then what makes a 'cracking' invention!  They will be investigating how inventions work and using this knowledge, the children will be thinking how to create their own inventions.  All of our English work will be linked to our topic and in design technology, we will be discovering more about inventors and their inventions and creating our own inventions!  In May, we will be visiting 'We, The Curious' in Bristol which will support our learning in science.

Please see the Curriculum topic web above for further information regarding the curriculum for Year 3 this term.

Spring Term 2019: 'I'm a Year 3 - Get me out of here!'


Our topic in the Spring term was: 'I'M A YEAR 3 - GET ME OUT OF HERE!' 

Jonathan's Junge Roadshow visited Year 3 at the end of January when the children were able to get up close to animals who inhabit the rainforest.  They challenged themselves in a range of trials from identifying the creatures, tasting unusual foods and working as a team.  In Geography, the children were able to locate the equator, tropics of Capricorn and Cancer and also the rainforests on the world map.  In Art, the children  created a rainforest landscape using different materials and also made tribal maks using papier mache. 

Visit from Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow


Autumn Term 2018 - Stone Age to Iron Age Britain

Year 3 explored the changes that happened in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age last term.  We investigated what prehistoric Britian was like and compared it to other ages in history, such as the Bronze Age.  Children worked hard to produce Cave paintings and made Stone Age jewellery using clay.  They also discovered the secrets of animals trapped inside rocks forming fossils and compared the rocks that make up the foundations of the Earth.

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