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Wow! What a fabulous time we had on the year 6 outdoor activity residential at Barton Hall. There was so much to celebrate and so many personal achievements that it would be impossible to share them all with you.

Our main aim was to develop team work and independence and all the children certainly showed that they were capable of both of these. All the teachers were thoroughly proud of the children and they were a real credit to the school.

The children will now be working on creating an assembly to show the school and their parents what they got up to. I just hope that there are no embarrassing photos of me! 



Reading at home is vital to make sure they get all the practice they need. We have seen in our recent assessments that the children of parents who are reading with them regularly during the week for at least 5 minutes are doing considerably better than the children who are not heard to read. And of course it’s fun!

The teachers are very happy to work with any parent who is finding it difficult to read with their children at home to find a way to help make it happen.


Times Tables

There have been several enquiries last week about times tables. Children in year 3 to 6 are expected to be practising and learning their times tables every week. They will all have a weekly test and every half term there is my special challenge when they can earn certificates and trophies.   The expectation is now and has always been, that most children will know their tables off by heart by the end of year 4. 


The weather forecast is for very hot temperatures next week.  Please may we remind parents & carers to ensure the children bring in their water bottles & sunhats (named) and that you have applied sun cream (24 hour cream is ideal) before coming in to school.  If further sun cream applications are required, your child should bring a named bottle of sun cream in their bag which they will need to apply themselves.

Mobile Phones

Can I remind all parents and carers that mobile phones should not be used on the school site for any reason? In order to help safeguard your children the school has adopted a policy of having no mobile phone usage on the school premises as they do at the Nursery school.

Please do not use your phone until you are off the school grounds.                      

Keeping children safe online.

I wrote recently about how shocked I was that some parents were allowing their children to play video games and watch movies that were aimed at adults. It has now been brought to my attention about how many children in our school have a smartphone and/ or tablet but more worrying is how many of these phones have unrestricted access to the internet and worse still, how many have not been made safe to use by parents.

We have discovered that many of the children have Instagram, Snapchat and other social media accounts which is surprising as you have to be 13 years old to have one of these accounts. You may think there’s no harm in your child having one but the reason there is an age restriction is to ensure that they have the maturity to deal with any issues that may come up.

For example we were able to access several of these accounts because the privacy settings had not been set up. If we can do this then so can anybody else and there are far too many stories of children communicating with people they think are the same age only to revealed later to be adults disguising who they really are.

Indeed this has happened recently with children from our school who have been using Instagram. Luckily one of the parents saw the messages and reported what she had read to the police.

Children think they are safe and that things won’t happen to them because it’s over the Internet but sadly we know that this isn’t always the case.

Please, please, please if you have decided that your primary school child really needs a smartphone or tablet of their own,then don’t let them use social media until they are old enough to use it safely and set up the privacy settings so that they cannot just communicate with anyone.

You wouldn’t dream of giving strangers photographs and personal information about yourself never mind your children and yet that is exactly what you do if you allow unrestricted access to either your own or

your children’s social media sites.

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