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Learning Gems

At Hungerford Primary School we have entered the world of ‘Gem’ learning powers in order to foster even more positive learning habits across our School.

We have been thinking about learning to learn and how this way of encouraging positive learning habits links to our school values.

We have been thinking about the science behind the project and how our brains work when we are learning.

We have worked collaboratively to build a clear picture of what this looks like in school and why it is so important.

Our Learning Gems help us to build the courage, resilience and independence we need to be successful learners, now and as we go forward in our life-long learning. The Gems that Dr. Tom Robson introduced us to and which you may hear your children talking about are:

  • DIAMOND POWER - taking responsibility for our own little problems and behaviour and not always looking for someone or something else to blame; developing problem solving skills and independence. For example trying several methods to solve a problem instead of going straight to an adult for the answer; organising themselves.
  • RUBY POWER - Respect for others; celebrating successes of others; responding positively to others; being kind.
  • EMERALD POWER - showing courage in our learning; being willing to have a go; not giving up but persevering; Bounce-back-ability; not worrying about making mistakes and being able to learn from them; keeping calm when we are about to go out of our “comfort zone”.
  • SAPPHIRE POWER - maintaining focus in our learning; avoiding 'Monster Distractions'; keeping focused and recognising that we have responsibility to ourselves and others to concentrate on all of our learning.
  • AMETHYST POWER - Learning to work with another; listening and responding to a partner appropriately - applies all the gem powers to work with a partner.
  • TOPAZ POWER - Collaborative learning; working successfully in groups to develop our understanding; share at least one idea with the whole group; takes turns - applies all the gem powers to work with a team.


Unfortunately we have quite a few children who do not get to read at home as much as they need to. This obviously impacts on their ability to learn and progress.

I am therefore asking if any of you have any time when you could come in and listen to some of these children read. Alternatively maybe you know someone who could help.

Maybe you could spare 30 minutes or an hour after you have dropped off your own child or before picking them up. You have no idea what a difference your help could make to the lives of some of our children.

If you can help, please contact the school office or your child’s teacher.


'Make a Difference' Day

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the parents and children who turned up on Saturday to “make a difference” to our school. Not put off by the rain in the morning and having heard the call for help from Sarah Young, this intrepid band set about gardening, painting, roofing, building, cleaning and repairing around the school. The sun in the afternoon even came out to support them

Swimming Pool Development

As most of you will be aware, the school used to have its own swimming pool which is now no longer in use, leaving us with the world's biggest shed.  I would like to develop this into a new hall for the school with community use as a theatre/sports facility/dance studio/other use.

However I would really like some professional advice on this from an architect, building project manager, etc as I really don't know where you begin a project of this sort.  If you are someone who could give me some advice or know someone who could, I would be really grateful if you could get in touch.  Thank you.

Celebration Assembly

We love to celebrate the achievements of our children outside of school. If your child does have something to share with the rest of the school and they would like to stand up and say what they have been doing please let the class teacher know and we will arrange this.


We are already starting to see children having regular days off for either no reason or for no good reason. We have now had to start looking for patterns for non-attenders and children whose attendance is concerning us will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer who may well decide to take things further.

Children who continually miss a lot of school very rarely catch up on the things they miss. This follows through into secondary school, impacting on GCSEs and their future life chances.

It is quite simple really. If you want your children to fail then don’t send them to school. They can’t learn if they are not here.

If you are having an issue getting your child to school we will be very happy to help. Our link worker Mrs. Buck will be only too happy to help you. Please contact the school if you need to talk to her about this or anything else you think she may be able to help with.

All-weather track

All weather track

Work has now begun on creating our 400 metre all-weather track around the field. This will enable the children to take part in “The Daily Mile” exercise programme and also allow us to use the field area all year round rather than just from April to October when the weather permits.

This was funded from our Sports Premium grant money, additional funding from the “Sugar tax”, our building projects budget and a £2000 grant from Tesco to be used on an outdoor project.

It should be finished by the end of the week. We hope to have an official opening with a British Olympic athlete shortly afterwards.

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