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Mr Mayer's News

Well, what a packed autumn term we have had!  There has been some fabulous work going on all across the school.

The commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One led to some really thoughtful discussions, writing, artwork and poetry in all classes which made Remembrance Day even more poignant this year.

Year 6 introduced us to Satteo, the orphaned baby elephant we have ‘adopted’ for the next 10 years as well as learning about Africa and the evils of the ivory trade. 

Year 4 have been finding out ‘what the Romans did for us’ and had a fantastic visit to Chedworth Villa, dressing as slaves, making medicine and seeing the most amazing Roman Mosaic floor.  A great time was had by all…including me.

In Year 3 we were even further back in time with the children finding out about life in Stone Age Britain.  Their whole classroom area became one giant cave!

Year 2 had great fun learning about King Arthur, knights and castles brought brilliantly to life at the Oxenwood Outdoor Centre where they dressed up, met Arthur and helped him battle the evil Queen Maryana.  We were all amazed at how heavy the armour and swords were.

They went ‘Into the Woods’ in Year 1 and I was fascinated by all the facts the children learned about the life of bats.  From how they slept to their use of echo location (yes…. they did know the big words for this), there wasn’t anything they didn’t learn!

Over in Foundation classes, they were doing a whole range of individual learning but a highlight was when they found an injured baby hedgehog on the field which we managed to save.  This prompted lots of work in class and led to hedgehog ambulances being made, books about hedgehogs being written and, of course, models of hedgehogs.

….And this is just a flavour of all the amazing learning that has been going on at Hungerford Primary School!

Thank you

       I would like to say a big thank you to all those of               you   who are:

  • Reading with your children regularly; you are making a huge difference to your child’s chance of being successful.
  • Getting your children to school on time.   Registration is at 8.50am………… every day.  When a child is late, it gives them an unsettled start to the day and disrupts the rest of the class! And their own learning.
  • Working with the class teacher for the benefit of your children.  This makes such a difference.  When children know that parents and teachers are working together, they feel supported.
  • Asking for help about learning or other issues such as bedtimes, expectations, behaviour etc.
  • Sending your children to school.  This might seem strange but unfortunately we still have a small number of parents who keep their children off school for an unacceptable number of days (not including illnesses such as chickenpox).  We have several children who regularly have one or two days off each week and have now missed over 3 weeks of school since September.  These children are unfortunately finding it difficult to keep up and are falling further behind with their learning.  Please, if you have to, make it your New Year Resolution to send your children to school.  You are failing them if you don’t.  If you need support with this, please ask for it.  We are only too happy to help…. But you need to ask.

Swimming Pool Development

As most of you will be aware, the school used to have its own swimming pool which is now no longer in use, leaving us with the world's biggest shed.  I would like to develop this into a new hall for the school with community use as a theatre/sports facility/dance studio/other use.

However I would really like some professional advice on this from an architect, building project manager, etc as I really don't know where you begin a project of this sort.  If you are someone who could give me some advice or know someone who could, I would be really grateful if you could get in touch.  Thank you.



Unfortunately we have quite a few children who do not get to read at home as much as they need to. This obviously impacts on their ability to learn and progress.

I am therefore asking if any of you have any time when you could come in and listen to some of these children read. Alternatively maybe you know someone who could help.

Maybe you could spare 30 minutes or an hour after you have dropped off your own child or before picking them up. You have no idea what a difference your help could make to the lives of some of our children.

If you can help, please contact the school office or your child’s teacher.

Message from Chair of Governors

My thanks to those who took the time to complete the parent and carer survey in July.  Having reviewed the results of the survey at the time, it indicated that you (our parent and carer community) are happiest about the quality of teaching at our school, the progress our children are making, and their safety and happiness overall.  This is great!

Communication was where our school scored least well.  To improve this, I would like to ensure you know the best methods of sharing with our school your positive messages, successes, constructive feedback, concerns or complaints.

It is fantastic to hear positive messages about our school, our staff and the quality of our teaching!  Similar to any professionals in any sector, our teachers do not expect to be thanked for doing their job, but it is heartening for anyone to have their efforts acknowledged.  The link between positive feedback, increased wellbeing and improved outcomes are well established (just google those three terms).  The outcomes in our case, are improving the experiences our children have at school.  As we parents and carers are the main stakeholders of our school, it’s in our (and our children’s) interest to take a moment to share this positive feedback.

The links below will assist you in both forming and conveying your constructive feedback or complaint to the right person.  This allows for effective dialogue and enables subsequent and continuous improvement of our school, and the outcomes of our children.

The Home School Agreement and Complaints Policy are both available on the Policies page on this website.

Our school can be contacted on the office email: office@hungerford.w-berks.sch.uk

Many thanks for your on-going support.

A Merry Christmas to you all.

Alan Mollison, Chair of Governors

Christmas Festivities

Christmas at Hungerford Primary School has been really special: Christmas Songs for parents from our Reception children, the Year 2 Strictly-style Nativity play ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’ and the Key Stage 2 Carol concert at the church.  All were fabulous and a real showcase for the talented children and dedicated staff.

I was very proud of all of them and they really started my Christmas festivities.

On behalf of all the children and staff of Hungerford Primary, I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.

Mobile phone for Christmas?

Many of our children have asked Santa for a phone this Christmas.  If he does bring one, please can you make sure that you set it up for your child with the safest possible settings and then talk to them about using the internet safely.  Set the safety to maximum and then check what they are using it for and limit the amount of time they use it. Studied are already showing the negative impact phones and social media can have on children when used too much. 

Saddest sight this year: Last month I saw a mum pushing a child in a pushchair.  The child was playing on a tablet device and mum had headphones in, lost in her own world.  There was no communication between mum and child at all.  I would urge all of you to think of how much time your child is using a phone, tablet or laptop and compare this to the amount of time you spend talking/laughing/playing with them.

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