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Mr Mayer's News

Well we have had a fabulous start to the new term and the New Year with some amazing things happening in school:

Our early year’s classes have been making books and some wonderful models.

Year 1 have been visited by a pirate captain and found some buried pirate treasure.

Year 2 discovered the crash site for an alien space ship.

Year 3 have been visited by Willy Wonka, found some Golden tickets and had fun tasting different types of chocolate.

Year 4 have been making their own marvelous medicine as they look at the works of Roald Dahl.

Year 5 had their own antiques road show guessing what the Victorian artefacts were.

Year 6 are looking into Stranger Things and started by producing their own works of art based on the work of Escher, the artist who produced the picture of the stairs that lead back to the start again.

Robin’s class has been making some brilliant models of Robots.

The teachers have been developing our curriculum to make it as engaging as possible and it’s really paying off in class. If you think you can help with any of these topics, the class teachers will be only too pleased to talk to you.


Surveys have shown that being able to read is one of the major factors in improving a child’s life chances which is why we consider it to be the most important thing they learn to do.

But we can’t do it alone.

Reading at home is vital to make sure they get all the practice they need. We have seen in our recent assessments that the children of parents who are reading with them regularly during the week for at least 5 minutes are doing considerably better than the children who are not heard to read. And of course it’s fun!

The teachers are very happy to work with any parent who is finding it difficult to read with their children at home to find a way to help make it happen.


Times Tables

There have been several enquiries last week about times tables. Children in year 3 to 6 are expected to be practising and learning their times tables every week. They will all have a weekly test and every half term there is my special challenge when they can earn certificates and trophies.   The expectation is now and has always been, that most children will know their tables off by heart by the end of year 4. See the January newsletter below for award winners.

Parent Council

Last week I met with several parent class representatives to discuss the idea of setting up a Parent Council in addition to the fundraising PTA. This group would work with the school leaders, teaching staff and governors to address issues around school improvement and how they can help. They were very keen to start this and provide a link between school and home that will have a positive impact on the children.

Parent Assemblies

Parents will be receiving details shortly of the dates for each year group’s assembly. We haven’t had these for a while so are looking forward to inviting parents in to see the fabulous work the children have been doing.                         

Sports News

A huge ‘well done’ to all the children who represented the school this week. We had teams taking part in netball and football and Archery competitions and we tasted success in both.

There was a great win for the Netball team against Woolton Hill Primary on Monday evening. They won by a score of 5 -1. We also played a second game against Kintbury Primary School on the Wednesday. Unfortunately they did not win this time but everyone gave lots of effort and played really well. Their coaches, Mrs Dornan and Mrs Jauncey were very proud of all the children involved.

Monday Team : Robbie Blake, Hunter Dornan, Amilia Dornan, Connie Tallack, Lexi Thorp, Ellie Keen,

Kerensa Head Brianna Barclay

Wednesday Team : Maddy Harries, Lucy Hicklin, Ruby Clements, Hunter Dornan, Robbie Blake, Lexi Thorp,

Ellie Keen, Poppy Howells.

On Monday we took 2 teams of year 3/4 children to Park House School for a mini football tournament. The A team finished top of the table and will go on to play in the final in a couple of weeks. The B team did an amazing job and played really well with many of them being picked for the first time to represent their school. Although they didn’t win their group they came runners up.  Thank you to all the parents who were able to stay and support the children, it really helps. We are very proud of all the children who took part.

Team a : Aaron Lepetit, Oliver Smith, Jacob Thorp, Winnie Edwards, Eddie Rushmer Wilson, James McDowell, George Thatcher, Arthur Thatcher, Charlie Gale.

Team b : Charlotte Grant , Sam Wood, William Sambrook, Oscar Westbrook, Sid Waldon, Austin Pugh, Riley Wisson, Ollie Wright, Joseph Currell, Holly Hammond, Mason Wallington.

On Wednesday we had a group of children from Year 5 children taking part in an Archery competition. These young “Robin Hoods” had never competed in an archery competition before but hopefully there will be another one in the future. The children who took part were: Dylan Lowe, Ethan Richings, Stanley Jones, Klara Barnett, William Howells and Ellie Stokes.

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