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Year 2

We are Year 2. We have two classes; 2BM, whose teachers are Ms Butler & Mrs Jauncey and 2S, whose teacher is Mrs Stevens. Read the Year 2 Topic Web and Knowledge organiser  our latest newsletter.

How we teach Arithmetic in Year 2

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Spring Term 1 2022 - Exploring the wider world

This term, the Year 2 children will be starting thier topic with a Take One Picture approach. They will be exploring the St George and the Dragon  painting by Paolo Uccello.  The children will be learning about the symbolism of dragons in the Chinese culture and then will explore the country and its customs. The children will be reading stories about dragons to inspire their own writing and stories. The topic will be concluded by having a Chinese feast and a parent assembly.

For further information regarding the curriculum for this term, please click on the Topic Web link above.

Autumn Term 1: The Great Fire of London

This term, Year 2 travellied back in time to 1666 to explore the events of the Great Fire of London through role play, watching videos, reading diaries and discovering artefacts from the time. The children learnt about life in 1666, about people's jobs and houses and how they would have felt when the fire broke out.  The children created some colourful 3D pictures of Tudour houses and investigated the properties of different materials and why they are chosen for particular uses.

Making Tudor houses!

Trip to Oxenwood

he Year 2 children had an exciting visit to Oxenwood Education Centre on Monday 4th October.   The day started when the children went into the Great Hall to meet Samuel Pepys.  He talked to them about the events of the Great Fire of London and then some of the children dressed up in costume to take part in a short role play where they acted the parts of Thomas Farriner and his family, King Charles II and Thomas Bludworth.

The actor playing Samuel Pepys was really impressed with the level of knowledge the children showed during this part of the day.

After this, they went out to be trained as the King’s soldiers; learning how to load and fire muskets, how to prepare, load and fire the cannons and how to do the spear drill and march.

After lunch, we went out to the field to play some games the children might have played in Tudor times and then to the children’s surprise, Samuel Pepys shouted “Fire!” as three large cardboard houses were set alight.  The children learned to use the fire appliances that would have been available in 1666; fire squirters, a pull along fire appliance and buckets of water.   They saw first hand how wind plays an important part in driving the fire!   After the fire was put out, we lined up the cardboard houses the children had made in school to re-create Pudding Lane.  They watched as the fire spread along and saw how a firebreak was created which was one of the ways they tried to halt the spread of the Great Fire.

The children had a brilliant day which helped them to gain an even better understanding of the history of the Great Fire of London.

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