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Year 2

We are Year 2. We have two classes; 2BP, whose teachers are Ms Butler & Mrs Page and 2P, whose teacher is Mrs Pugh. Read the Year 2 Curriculum letter, Topic Web, Knowledge Organiser and our latest newsletter.

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Spring Term 2019: 'Is there anybody out there?'

Please see curriculum information above; further information to follow.

AutumnTerm 2019: Webs and Wings!

This term our topic in Year 2 is Webs and Wings.  The children will be learning about our local environment and how we should care for it.  In particular they will be finding out about bees and spiders, their importance  and how climate change is affecting them.  The children will use their observational skills to learn out about the life cycle of bees and finding out about their food chains and habitats.  They will also be developing their sketching skills through close observationial drawings of bees and spiders and blending pastels to recreate the inside of a bee hive.

For further curriculum information for this term, click on the Year 2 Curriculum link above

Bees and Spiders!

We started the term reading all about Winnie the Pooh's love for honey and decided to make him a new honey pot. For this we practised a coil technique, first using salt dough and then making our pots in clay. 

As designers we then thought Winnie the Pooh might like a trolley to put his honey on so used our design technology skills to design and make a trolley using a chassis, axle, axle holder and wheels. We all came up with different designs and are very proud of them. We measured dowels for the axles and used a saw to cut them. We tried out different wheels to see which would work best on our trolleys and built a chassis out of wood and lollipop sticks. 

We have also been learning all about honey bees. We have found out about bee body parts, how they communicate with each other using the wonderful waggle dance and have learned about the bee life-cycle. We have discovered why pollination is so important and have met a bee keeper who told us how he looks after his bees in the hive.

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