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Year 1

We are Year 1. We have two classes; 1H, whose teacher is Mrs Hann, and ICS, whose teachers are Mrs Carter and Mrs Smith. Read the Year 1 Curriculum letter, Knowledge Organiser for this term and our latest newsflash.

To see what we are up to for the rest of the year please click HERE.

Spring Term 2020 - Frozen 'Are polar bears really white?'

This term we will be looking at 'life in the freezer!'  We will be exploring the artic continents and finding out about the people and animals who live there.  We will be learning about the differences between the two artic continents and be able to locate these on a map.  

For further information regarding the curriculum for this term, please click on the link above.

Autumn Term 2019 - Once Upon a Time

Our topic this term is 'Once Upon a Time'.  The children will be finding out about the different animals and creatures which live in our woodlands and forests.  They will be discovering information about woodland habitats and will make their own fact files.  The children will be learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood and will use this to inspire their own creative writing.  They will also be creating woodland decorations  for the Year 1 area and exploring the use of paint and other materials to create woodland themed artwork.

Look out for photos of the Year 1 Autumn scavenger hunt when the children will be searching for interesting objects to create woodland mobiles!

For futher curriculum information for this term, please click on the Year 1 Curriculum link above.

October 2019 A New Canopy!

Year 1 children were very excited to see a new canopy being constructed outside of their classroom area. The canopy will allow the children to still access the outdoor area when the weather is wet.

Comments from some Year 1 children:

‘The new canopy looks amazing!’ Ivy

‘The men are working very hard on the canopy’   Charlie

‘The drill was very loud!’ Hugo

‘The canopy looks great. I won’t get wet!’ Joey

Day 1 Canopy
New canopy

The Gingerbread Man!

Year 1 have been learning all about the story of The Gingerbread Man which inspired them to write their own stories.  The children also made their own gingerbread men (and ate them!) but one gingerbread man ran away........

Gingerbread Men 3
Gingerbread Men 1(1)
Gingerbread Men(1)
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