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Year 1

We are Year 1. We have two classes; 1H, whose teacher is Mrs Hann, and ICS, whose teachers are Mrs Carter and Mrs Seaward. Read the Year 1 Curriculum and our latest newsflash.

Spring Term 2019:

Our topic this term is: DINOSAURS!

We will be learning all about the reign of the dinosaurs and will use our curriculum creatively to explore our exciting new topic! We will begin by investigating a dinsosaur mystery and finding out facts about dinosaurs to solve it! The children will research what dinosaurs used to eat and different food chains by looking at individual dinosaurs. We will be learning what fossils are and then making our own with clay.  The children will also make their own moving dinosaurs models to make a display in the classroom.   Towards the end of term, the children will showcase their dinosaur drawings, fact sheets, poems and models in a Dinsosaur Museum!

Please see the Curriculum Topic Web above for further information regarding the curriculum for Year 1 this term.


Could it be a dinosaur?

Y1 children spotted footprints on the school field; could these belong to a dinosaur?! And what has laid these eggs?


Autumn Term:

Into the Woods’. We are learning all about the seasons, exploring the story of Little Red Riding Hood and looking at the work of, artist and sculptor, Andy Goldsworthy. 

Year 1 Owls
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