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Working together, Learning together

Year 4

In Year 4, there are two classes; 4P, taught by Mrs Pugh and 4L, taught by Mrs Perry.  The children are also supported by Mrs Heffernan, Mrs Franklin and Miss Appleby. 

In Year 4, we are Adventurers which means we are ‘prepared, brave, risk-takers and resilient.’


Spring Term 2 2024

Our topic for this term is "Law and Order".  “Law and Order” is a thematic unit, based on the concept of justice, with a key focus on citizenship. Pupils will look at the importance of leadership and the meaning of democracy and its origins, before moving on to how this applies practically in communities, both school-wide, locally and nationally. It finishes by recognising issues of justice, rights and responsibilities in their own setting and the wider world.


Law and Order Knowledge Organiser

Spring Term 1 2024

This term, year 4's topic is called “A World of Difference” and is a thematic unit based around 5 world religions. It looks at the following faiths: - Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism, examining aspects such as places of worship, holy books, core beliefs and important festivals. We will ask the children to list what they think about the concept of faith and discuss the common features of all religions. Throughout the topic, we will promote the fundamental British values of mutual respect and understanding of those with different faiths and religions, encouraging everyone to share their own experience, ideas and opinions about beliefs. 

For more information, please click on the links to read our Knowledge Organisers and Recent Newsletter.







Autumn Term

Our topic is “Lightning Speed – Exchanging Ideas’

During the first part of this term, we will be asking the question, ‘How do people stay connected?’ We’ve been discovering how communication has changed over time, how computers communicate and how we, as humans, exchange ideas. So far, we have been practicing Morse-code, used semaphores flags to send messages to each other and even learned to count to 10 using binary!

For more information, please read our Knowledge Organiser and Newsletter.

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