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Year 4

We are Year 4. We have two classes; 4P, whose teachers is Mrs Pugh and 4L, whose teachers is Mr Lambert. Read the Year 4 Curriculum letter, Knowledge Organiser for this term and our latest newsletter.

Autumn Term 2021 - What have the Romans ever done for us?

This term, the Year 4 children will be piecing together a timeline of when and why the Romans invaded Britain, how far the Roman Empire spread and discover why the Roman army was so successful.  They will be investigating the Roman way of life in Britain and contrast what life was like before and after the Romans settled here.  They kick-started their proect with a visit to nearby Littlecote House to see the Orpheus Mosicac.  Their visit was run by The Hungerford Historic Association who talked to the children about the villa, the mosiac and daily life for the Romans, including their diet which included snails and dormice!

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