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Year 4

We are Year 4. We have two classes; 4F, whose teachers is Mrs Findlay and 4SM, whose teachers are Mrs Maynard and Mrs Smith. Read the Year 4 Curriculum and our latest newsletters.

Summer Term 2019

Our topic for this term is: Listen Up!

We will be discovering how sound is made and will recognise that vibrations from sounds travel through from a medium to the ear. We will be looking for patterns between the pitch of a sound and features of the object that produced it and between the volume of a sound and the strength of the vibrations that produced it.  In Art/DT we will be investigating how musical instruments make sound and use this knowledge to design, construct and evaluate our own working instrument.

Please see Curriculum letter above for further information regarding the curriculum for Year 4 this term.

Spring Term 2019:

Our topic this term is: AMAZING AMERICA!

The children will be investigating how canyons are carved by studing the Grand Canyon in depth; they will be looking at the different biomes the Canyon houses and how the canyons can be protected.  During the second half of the term, the children will be looking into many of the different Native American tribes who occupy different areas of the United States.  In Art, the children will be immersing themselves in Native American crafts and art work to link to their topic.



Autumn term 2018 - Visit to the Roman Villa at Chedworth

‘What did the Romans do for us?’ We travelled to Chedworth Villa to learn more about what life was like in Roman Times, the impact of the Roman invasion and settlements, all about their army and to understand what Roman legacies have been left behind. We completed some research on Roman shield designs, sketching our own and then creating the real thing!  We also looked at Roman mosaics and created our own using clay.

Chedworth classroomMaking medicine bags at Chedworth
Visit to Chedworth; the infamous sponge on a stick!Holding shields at Chedworth
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